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Everyday I'm Sprinklin'

A young lady learning how to bake

‘Ello everyone!

My latest adventure was creating frosted roses. I saw this technique from I am Baker and absolutely adored it! After executing this plan these were the results:

I was pleasantly surprised when they looked very well for the first go. All I used for this was a 1M tip that I received from Wilton. I fell in love with the icing tip when I realized how faster it was at frosting cupcakes and the fact that they look 10x prettier. My cupcakes were Golden Vanilla and Red Velvet. For the frosting I used Buttercream and Cream Cheese with purple food dye. With the cream cheese I found that letting them sit in the fridge for a while helped hold the rose effect on the cupcake. I had one out for a little bit after frosting it and it melted. =/ For the cupcakes I also used these as the papers:
I bought them from Michael’s but since they weren’t good with handling grease and other oils they didn’t show up pretty. I lived and learned and I will definitely be buying some that handle grease well so the cute design shows.



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